Newsletter June 2012


NEWSLETTER: 1213-01 June 28, 2012

Greetings All, Tidings from the East:
Let me thank you all for the opportunity to serve as your Worshipful Master for the upcoming Masonic Year. It was an exceptional journey getting to this point and I truly appreciate all of you who help me along the way. I look forward to an exciting event filled year. I want to invite each of you to join me in continuing the fine Masonic traditions and excellent degree work that Capital 54 is noted for. It’s your Lodge; it’s our lodge andremember that without you we’re just another footnote in Masonic history.

We’ve had a good year but, still have a number of items on the plate. We have a number of individuals who need to give back their various proficiency examinations with the corresponding degrees to follow. Br. Ed Orr and I will be working diligently to get these guys going. We may be doing a Fellow Craft and a Master Mason degree during the summer but will make every effort to keep special communications to a minimum.
An exciting Masonic event this year is the Independence Rock Sesquicentennial Celebration at Independence Rock 6, 7 and 8 July. Brother Secretary has all the information on this event if interested.

Let me remind everyone of the Wheatland Lodge Outdoor Meeting commonly called Kennedy Ranch on the 14th of July. Last year we came within one of tying and two ofwinning the award for the most members attending. It is an event worth attending and I invite you all to attend, especially the newer members of our lodge. It is a great introduction to what masonry is all about. If any of you need rides to the event contact myself or Brother Secretary, Tom Hamm, and we’ll make sure everyone that wants to can attend.

Another very important Masonic event during the summer is Grand Lodge. This year the Grand Lodge Communication will be held in Casper 12, 13, and 14 August. All Master Masons are encouraged to attend especially all elected lodge officers. It is truly worth it, as you get a firsthand look at how a Grand Lodge functions and their relationship with the Blue Lodges. It is being held at the Ram Kota Hotel @307-266-6000 for a special rate of $75.00 a night. The secretary has the necessary registration forms if you are interested. I would like to see as many line officers as possible attend as it truly helps you in your preparations for advancement through the chairs. Enough of us are going that all who wish to attend will be able to obtain transportation to and from the event. I would appreciate it, that if you are going to let me know so that I’ll have an idea of our numbers in attendance.

Don’t forget that the first meeting of the month is also the Past Master Club dinner at the Holiday Inn at 6 p.m. All Past Master are invited to attend. Brother Gary Skillern has taken over the duties of President.

Keeping in mind that all things look good on paper here are some of the things I will be trying this year. Once during the fall and once during the spring I plan on using our second regular communication for a special family oriented event. This is still in the planning stage and I will keep you posted as we finalize these events.

During September or October, we will have our official Grand Lodge visitation by the Worshipful Grand Senior Warden Richard Lewis of Wheatland Lodge #16. Once Br. Lewis and I work out his schedule we’ll get that schedule out to you all.

November is the Cheyenne Christmas parade, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. There are number of considerations for this event and as it develops, we’ll get the information to you. Also, this year I’ll be doing things a little different for Military Appreciation Night.
December 7th we’ll have our traditional Carry in Dinner and if things come together, we’ll also have a small Christmas program that evening. We are having it this early in the month because our second meeting is just so close to Christmas.

January 18th and 19th is the Grand Masters Winter Reunion, location TBA. Also, January 18th will our annual Sports Fan appreciation night.

February 1st we’ll have the George Washington remembrance program. On the 15th Masonic Trivia Night, Cheyenne Lodge # 1 has expressed a desire to participate as have Acacia 11.

March; Temple Open House?

April; Temple Open House? April 6th will be our Widow’s Luncheon at Poor Richards 1 to 3 p.m.

May 3rd is Past Masters Dinner at the Holiday Inn at 6p.m. and Paste Masters Night in the Lodge with elections of officers for 2013-2014. May 17th Step up night for the newly elected and appointed officers. May 25th will be our 6th Annual Ladies at the Table Dinner.

June 7th last regular meeting of current crop of line officers.
This has been a brief look at what we are planning for the coming year. But, as Brother Skillern has often said “Sempifer Gumby – Always Flexible”. Remembering it always looks good on paper.

At this time I want to say I am very happy with the crew of elected and appointed line officers to assist me in making this a great Masonic year. Let me remind each of you of the importance of the positions we have all volunteered for. The lodge members have put a great trust in our hands and it is up to us to turn it over to those who follow us in the best shape possible. To do this it’s going to take a concerted effort on the part of each lodge officer. To be prepared for the requirements of his office and to perform those duties in dignified and professional manner at all times. One of the greatest responsibilities we have is to our candidates and brothers going through the degrees. We will be looking at what we are doing and how we are doing it. We will be tweaking it where necessary in order that we may once again have the reputation as the Lodge who does the best degree work in this jurisdiction. Further information on this subject will be forth coming.

Brothers all, never forget just how important you are to this lodge and the fraternity. You are what made it what it is and will make it what it will become in the future. We the newer members of the fraternity want to see you in lodge and have contact with you so that we may tap your knowledge and Masonic experiences. I personally invite each of you to attend lodge at every opportunity to see what’s new in your lodge. Come and meet with some old friends and meet some new brothers and truly help guide Capital 54 into a bright and beautiful Masonic future. For those of you, who aren’t attending regularly, never forget you are always welcome and truly missed. Come home to where each of us began our Masonic journey. If for some reason, you are unable to attend lodge due to a disability and would still like to have Masonic contact with a Masonic brother please feel free to contact me at 778-8456. It will be my pleasure to visit with you and share your knowledge and experiences and to make some new friends. Also, if any of you need transportation to attend lodge please let me know. If you want to come, we will get you there!

In closing, I look forward with excitement to this Masonic year and the opportunities that await us in our efforts to make Capital Lodge 54 the premier lodge in Wyoming.


William Runnels
Worshipful Master

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